Sometimes I think about being on that boat.
An unapologetic scent of fish; seagulls flocking on the horizon. Mist of the water finding it’s way across the deck while the wind tangles my hair. Warmth from the sun, signs of life surround and hues of blue cascade on the open water.  It’s a beautiful thing, being a tiny speck on a grand ocean. It unlocks an appreciation for this beautiful world. Makes one feel small, almost a comfort of sorts.
Without proper warning a storm is upon me.  The wind has changed, demanding my respect and threatening my very breath. Sunlight has evaporated, and the blues turned dark, gray and cold. They thrash against the vessel in a tyranny of rage. Desperate to save myself but frozen in fright; I don’t know where to turn, what to do, or where to go. It seems that no one does. No one has answers. No one can help. Any attempts to salvage the ship and avoid ruin are in vain. A simple shore excursion has turned, without warning, into a violent and imminent death.
As fast as it came, it’s gone; without explanation; without effort; beyond my comprehension or understanding; not a moment too early or a moment too late. A calm has broken through the thunder and split the clouds. I can breath again. Surefooted, relived but alarmed, I squint in the unexpected glare.
And I’m reminded of his love.
Think about his love, Think about his goodness, Think about his grace, That’s brought us through. For as high as the Heavens above, So great is the measure of our Father’s love.
I can see his face, never threatened by the storm or alarmed by the winds. Instead he is kind, calm, and gentle, powerful and loving.

I know he knows better and bigger then I do. I know he loves better and bigger then I do. I know he does not see this as a challenge but instead an opportunity for him to be glorified. I know he is for my good.

When I take my eyes off of him, I fumble and fail. But when I look at him, and focus on him, I am reminded of his incomparable goodness. His perfect love. His unsurpassed knowledge. His limitless power. There is nothing I want more then to be focused on him, see him work in every detail and then give him all the glory.

So great is our God, that he allows no room for fear, doubt, or despair. He has gifted me with trust. He is sovereign and he is good.

God may I be totally satisified in you. Meditating on your grace, kindness, generosity and love. May this storm be a beacon for your glory. May this life be a platform for your name. May this family be a parallel to the Gospel.

May the name of Jesus be lifted up.