Winter is my least favorite season, second only to Spring. Hear me out. At least in the Winter you know it’s going to be cold, snowy, dark, dismal. I know I know, many of you love cracked skin and a constant chill in your bones. I am not one of you.
Winter has it pluses; Christmas, warm drinks, cozy blankets, the beauty of a snowfall, and of course snowmen, snow angels, sledding and all that goes with it.
But Spring, Spring is another story
Spring is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It promises bunnies, and tulips and daffodils. It whispers new green life and warm rays of sun. But it slaps you I the face with harsh winds, cold rain, thick mud, and a false hope of warm days. Yes, there’s an occasional flower or two, but can that really make up for the tease that Spring actually is?
Plus here in Lancaster County all you can smell is manure. Yesterday it was so potent that it literally caused my husband and I to stop talking. We couldn’t take another breath until we drove down the road. Even then it was painful.
Thanks Spring.
So for all my venting I do actually have something pretty awesome to say about this season. In the past few days the weather has been so glorious, (I don’t trust it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it) I spent a lot of time outside on our deck. It’s beautiful to sit under the spotty shade of our Maple tree. Because of that, I’ve taken a closer look at something I’ve never noticed before.
The buds.
I mean, I know that’s what happens this time of year; things bud. But in just 3 days, our tree went from Winter bare, to bunches of blossoms blooming, to tiny leaves spurting out all over. It’s almost like our tree is just as happy for the warmer weather as we are. It couldn’t wait to make it’s debut this year.
I was thrilled to witness this change and shocked by how rapidly it happened. For things to happen so swiftly, and for the change to be so drastic, major things must have been happening during those harsh weather days. Things I wasn’t paying attention to. Things I didn’t know about. Things that were happening right under my nose but I couldn’t see. Our little tree was working hard. Even thought I was totally unaware, it was accomplishing its purpose.
What a gift.
In the same way, our little family is waiting to blossom.
This process is moving, and God is at work.
I know things are being accomplished. Practical things like paperwork and signatures and meetings; spiritual things as well. I know God is drawing closer to us, because we are drawing closer to him, and in that, we are drawing closer to each other. I know my girls miss us.  I know our faith is growing. Patience is being built and perseverance is finishing it’s work so that we may be mature and complete not lacking in anything. (James 1:4)
I know Spring time in our family is coming.
For all my complaining about the Winter months and the artic chill, the bitter winds, and the overcast days, I know God is redeeming the season.
In fact, I think I see a few buds.