“Liz weaves her passion for adoption into simple yet enlightened accounts of the joys, sorrows, and sometimes utter stagnation of unifying a family through love, prayers & tears rather than genetics. Using ordinary examples from all aspects of daily living she opens our eyes to the incredible gift we can not only give, but also receive when we push beyond our comforts & consider inviting another into our home by means of adoption.”

Jen, Lancaster, PA

“Elizabeth was our speaker at our mother daughter luncheon. She captured the heart of each lady there. She shared her passion and her resolve to honor and obey Jesus Christ.  She made such an impact! Our best speaker in 16 years!”

Joy, Philadelphia, PA

“Liz speaks with passion and conviction and demonstrates a deep desire to connect with her listeners, not just as their teacher, but as a fellow sojourner who yearns to know God more fully.”

Wendy, Lititz, PA